Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Advocate before the Father

                                                                                                    April 24, 2017       
Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes!!!
This week has been too good and we are being so so blessed here in La Alianza.
Cristina was baptized this Saturday and it was a great baptismal service!

Lots of members from the Ward came and Elder Wirthlin was able to baptize her which was exciting because it was his first baptism.

The Sister missionaries sang, "Lead Kindly Light," which was really beautiful and brought the Spirit so powerfully.


She was confirmed Sunday and now we are excited for her to keep progressing
and growing in her testimony!
Walking home from the baptism we saw a black guy standing outside (which is quite uncommon in Bolivia) and we started talking to him. All the basketball players left so it was just him, but his name is Deangelo and he´s from California. We talked with him for a while and he is living in Tarija for 4 months playing in the Bolivian league. He was a funny guy and we invited him to church! He said he would go if he didn't have practice. We went to his hotel to pick him up but it looks like he slept in. So hopefully next Sunday we can take him and translate for him!

This week I got to give a priesthood blessing to an Hermana that is having a lot of knee pain. This is her last week in the mission and she really just wants to keep working hard. As I gave the blessing, I felt inspired to bless her that her knee could heal completely and work without pain in this last week of her mission. The Spirit confirmed to me in such a powerful way that that was Heavenly Father´s will. I know that the priesthood is powerful and there is nothing more incredible than knowing that your words are in line with the will of the Father.

We were able to find lots of new investigators this week and we continue to be blessed each and every day. Yesterday lots of appointments fell through on us so we went to the park to contact. We saw three young men sitting down and I don't know what but sometimes the young guys intimidate me or something so we almost didn't talk to them. But we just went for it, and it turns out they are super interested. All three are from La Paz and are here doing military service. They were really sincere and at the end of our lesson one of them told us "I like this. It feels good talking about God like this" So we set up another appointment and invited them to church! I know the Lord can only guide us and bless us if we are fearless in sharing the gospel! If we don't open our mouths we will never know how prepared these people are!

Yesterday I had to give a talk in church last minute. A couple of weeks ago I did Elder Hales challenge and started studying Jesus Christ in the topical guide and read about how Christ is our advocate. In Spanish the word is "Abogado" which also means lawyer. So in church I talked about lawyers. How they are people who argue a case and usually charge a lot of money. So if your case is too complicated or you don´t have enough money, no one will plead your case.

Well, Christ is our advocate before the father. He is like a lawyer, but different than the majority of lawyers. He loves us and really wants to plead our case. It doesn't matter what we have done, there is no case He will not plead or reject because it is too difficult. And he will come to our aid over and over again free of cost and free of conditions. He gave everything so that He could do this for us. I love my savior and know he pleads our case before the Father each and every day that we repent and choose to follow him. Please read d and c 45:3-5, D&C 19:16-18 and 3 Nephi 17:17 which explain all of this a lot better and more beautifully than I have.

I love my Savior and I know He loves each one of us. Never forget it and do your best each day to show your gratitude for what he is done. All he asks of us in return for his services is our best.

Love you all and hope your week is great!

Elder Harris

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