Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Robberies and Answered prayers

Hello Everyone,                                                                               May 29, 2017

This week was great and once again full of blessings!

First of all an update on Cristina Humacata,-- she is doing super duper well! On Monday we did a family home evening with her and another family in the branch and it was great. Later in the week we were walking one night and we found her with the Relief Society President doing their visiting teaching! I don´t think I have ever been happier in my life about women doing their visiting teaching, (hahaha) but the Ward is helping her and watching over her and she is doing well. Nayara didn't go to church yesterday, but next week hopefully she will.

Yesterday we had a great church attendance and 5 of our investigators went! Four of them are young men and we are seeing so much success here with the young people. They are so prepared to receive the gospel! This weekend Carlos Camacho, who we found just a few weeks ago, is going to be baptized. So we are excited for that! Please pray that he can understand everything we teach this week.

As for Raul, he didn't get baptized this Saturday which was a bummer. He has a lot of doubts about the law of tithing and asked for more time to work things out. So please pray for him that he can understand better the law of tithing and the reason God commands us to pay tithing. I am sure he will understand soon!

This week on our P-day we got to visit a beautiful waterfall with our District. The water was low and it was quite mystical. Here are a few pictures you might enjoy...

One of the big changes this week is that the rules in our mission have been changed, so we now wake up at 7:00 a.m. and return home at 10:00 p.m.! Tarija for the most part is really safe, but as any missionary in South America knows, this is a game changer because there are so many people who only have time at night to meet with us! So I am pumped for the change, but who knows for how long my body is going to keep waking up at 6:30. haha.

Saturday night we were walking home, when we saw two guys run around the corner. As we got closer, there was a man with blood all over his face who had been robbed. Apparently, there was an intense chase, but they did not catch the robbers. The guy was okay, but from this incident I learned that the Bolivian police do not arrive at the scene very quickly. We waited about 15 minutes and got tired of waiting for the police so we left.

This week we met a few people who don't believe in God because there is so much suffering and evil in the world. At first I didn't know what to say, but I have come to understand that our agency is so important for our Heavenly Father that He is willing to see us suffer sometimes so that we can become like Him. He loves us so much and although it must make him so sad to see His children suffering because of the actions of others, it is worth it because it is the only way we could become more like Him!

I know Heavenly Father answers prayers in so many incredible ways. Not always in our time and not always the way we want, but He listens and He answers. I am so grateful for the amazing plan He has created for us!
I love this gospel and I love being a missionary. There is no greater calling than to love and serve others and the Lord blesses us so abundantly for it.


Elder Harris

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