Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hi Family!                                                                                 May 15, 2017

Thanks so much for Skype yesterday! I loved seeing all of you!

I especially loved visiting with everyone and laughing together! 
 This week was great! We were blessed to find a lot of new investigators and see a lot of progress.

Raul is doing good and on track for his baptismal date for the 27th. Please pray that he can commit to keep the commandments and receive a stronger testimony  of all we are teaching.

One miracle we saw this week was finding Carlos Camacho, a young man who used to receive the missionaries but never was baptized. While we were waiting like 20 minutes for a bus who drove by in his volkswagen bug and asked if we wanted a ride. We started talking to him and he is super prepared to receive the gospel! He went to church all three hours yesterday and made some good friends there. He even gave the closing prayer in both classes haha.

Elder Campozano and I are rejoicing as we share the blessings of the Book of Mormon with others!
The Bible and the Book of Mormon  go hand in hand and
are true witnesses of Jesus Christ.

The highlight of my week was finishing the Book of Mormon!
In the past few months I have grown to love this book so much! I know it is the word of God and it should be the foundation of our testimony!

Please read the Book of Mormon each day! You will feel so much light in your life and the spirit will help you learn each and every time you open this book! I know it is true and I know it invites us to come unto Christ and be saved!

Just wanted to leave you with a few fun pictures from the week:

We stumbled upon this graffiti and I thought it was perfect for Mother's Day. This is for you Mom!

On our P-day we discovered a huge dinosaur slide and just had to go down!

And look--yes, more giant avacados!

I love this work and I know the Lord is directing it! It is a stone cut without hands that is rolling forth each and every day and filling the earth! I am grateful to be a missionary and I know our Savior lives and loves us!

Have a great week!

Elder Harris

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