Friday, April 21, 2017

New People to Teach

                                                                                                          March 20, 2017
Hi Everyone!

It's been a great week! I want to share a few pictures of the missionaries that I have the opportunity to serve with.
Picture of all of the missionaries serving in our zone as we met for zone Conference.
Group of Elders and Sisters serving in our District
This week, we had some changes in our boundaries and had some tender mercies.
We have new investigators finally! We still need quite a few more, but I am really happy because we have some investigators that are progressing.
One is Elisabeth. She studies at the University in Tarija and this week we taught her about the first vision. She could feel the Spirit and accepted the invitation to be baptized! She has also been reading the Book of Mormon, so today we will go there to find out how her testimony is growing.

Also, we are teaching the cousin of that member who found us in the park. His name is Luis. He is an active Catholic, but admitted that he hadn't truly investigated enough to know if our church is true so we have taught him a few times this week!

We had to drop familia Humacata this week (the H is silent folks, who knew) which was tough, but we told them we will be happy to come back when they are ready to take this seriously.

Yesterday one of our other new investigators went to church and she is really good! She participated a lot in gospel principles class and understands everything we teach really well! This week we are going to invite her to baptism.

The work is going really well here...the members are helping us out a ton and I love my Ward and the leaders. Tomorrow we have transfers, but we are pretty sure things will stay the same.

Life is always an adventure! Yesterday this drunk guy with a guitar chased us for a good 5 minutes which was scary at first, but later just entertaining. Lots of drunk people here. We also had a huge rainstorm this week.
Sorry I don't have a whole lot to report, but one quote I wanted to share and I don't remember who it's from, but it goes something like this:

"The ultimate demonstration of love is loyalty." Let us show our love for our Heavenly Father this week by obeying his commandments and going where ever he asks us to go! I hope we can all be more loyal to Him and by doing so show our gratitude for all we have received!

Have a great week!

Elder Harris


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