Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Easter!!

                                                                                                       April 10, 2017

Hello Family and Friends! Today we are celebrating a very special day...its Abby's Birthday!!! Don´t forget it because it is easily one of the two most important days this week.

This week was pretty trying, but it was fun! Monday was Bishop Olivera´s birthday (we eat lunch with him everyday so we are pretty tight) We gave him a tie and returned the tupperware we borrowed months ago. Happy birthday Obispo!

We also made salteñas with a member! Very long process but the most amazing food ever!
On Tuesday we got a young man who leaves for the mission soon to accompany us for two appointments with single women. They both failed us which was really disappointing. So we contacted for a little bit and then decided to walk to a less active sister who lives SUPER far away. I had never visited her before, but we had tried many times and she wasn't home.
When we arrived, she was home and we had a member so we were able to teach us. After the prayer she told us she had been praying a lot because a lot of things were going on in her life and that we were an answer to her prayers. I am so grateful that the Spirit guided us to her home and it was a miracle she was home in that moment and we had a male accompanying us. There is nothing better than being the answer to someone´s prayer and the Lord´s plan is always more perfect than what we may have in mind!

On Saturday we had a ward activity and I was so stressed I forgot to take pictures, it turned out okay.(P.S. If all else fails musical chairs and food makes for a great ward activity) Mostly just members came but one family we invited came and loved the activity! We have an appointment with them Wednesday and hopefully they will become investigators!
Here are a few pictures I was able to take that I want to share:

Bolivia = Beautiful!!
Me on an intercambio with Elder Aguilar (who plays a grandfather role)

A poorer area in our zone. It is very humbling!
I am very grateful for Easter and for this time to remember the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ! 

I love the scripture Alma 24:10
"And I also thank my God, yea, my great God, that he hath granted unto us that we might repent of these things, and also that he hath forgiven us of these our many sins and murders which we have committed, and taken away the guilt from our hearts, through the merits of his Son." 
I'm so grateful that God has given us the chance to repent and be forgiven for all we have done!
I know that thanks to Him, what was said of Christ that Easter morning more than 2000 years ago can be said of us each day: "He is not here, for He is risen" Each day we can use his enabling power to rise to something more! We can leave behind the person we once were and become something even more incredible!

I am grateful for my Savior and for His ultimate expression of love for us! He laid down his life for us because he loves us! We can show our gratitude for what He did that day by choosing to repent today and become more like Him. He lives!

Love you all!

Elder Harris

P.S. Please pray that we can find more people to teach!!!

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