Monday, March 13, 2017

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

                                                                                               March 13, 2017
Hi Everyone!
This week was great and we have a lot of unforgettable experiences! So many that right now I don´t remember a lot of them, but I will just describe a few haha.
 First, a few pictures to share: 

Elder Wirthlin and me with our Bishop as we take cover from the rain

We got pretty creative at our District activity. Can you guess which one is me?
On Monday we hiked Monte Cristo with 2 other Elders from the district. It was a really tough hike, but so worth it for the view! And Cristo is written on the mountain kind of like Y mountain (hopefully you can see it in the pictures).

But the view was incredible and I don´t remember it being very sunny, but we must have been pretty close to the sun at the top because I got really burned (see picture of my tri-colored neck) Wear sunscreen kids.

This week we had a lot of great experiences! Familia Gonzales have come to a halt as far as their progress for baptism because we are trying to work with the Dad, but he keeps failing to meet our appointments. Hopefully this week we will be able to teach them.
Familia Humacata are really not keeping their commitments so we will most likely have to leave them this week which is tough.
One family we taught Monday night is Familia Martinez. They had watched the testaments movie so we decided to read 3 Nephi 11 with them. We were able to teach the doctrine of baptism and the importance of the authority Christ gave to Nephi. The wife is strong Catholic and had a lot of doubts and questions about original sin and baptizing children. I was a little worried about being able to answer them, but then I remembered Moroni chapter 8. We read three verses with them, everyone understood very clearly, and I felt so grateful for the Book of Mormon in that moment! It was a great teaching moment for them and for me about the power of the Book of Mormon to clearly and powerfully teach the gospel of Jesus Christ!
I also have a stronger testimony now than ever that we are being guided by the Spirit. As we contacted in the park this week, we were about to leave, but decided to stay a little longer. Two less active members found us a few minutes later and asked where the church was. Later as we were contacting a man, a girl from the other Stake came up and told us she had a reference for us. Now we are teaching her cousin! It was an amazing miracle!
Yesterday one of our investigators told us his grandpa had died and asked us to go and comfort his family. We didn´t know anyone there, but decided to go to the viewing a few houses down. We felt super awkward and uncomfortable and had no idea what to do, so we said a prayer asking for help. As we finished, a man walked up and asked us if we needed anything. He called out some of the family members and they let us enter. They gave us each a plate of food and when we finished we shared a scripture and our testimonies with the immediate family. I know Heavenly father loves us and answers prayers! He will guide us in each moment if we are humble enough to ask for His help.
I know that no one is more interested in my success as a missionary than my Father in Heaven and He is watching over me in each moment, especially in the most difficult ones.
Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! Things are looking up here and this truly is the work of the Lord that will roll forth until it fills every corner of this earth! Have a great week!
Elder Harris

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