Monday, March 6, 2017

Carnaval Party Time

                                                                                                  February 25, 2017

Hola Family,

Tomorrow is the first day of Carnaval and so our P-day is today as we are preparing to stay inside over the next few days. Carnaval is a huge celebration before Lent that consists of parades, partying, and alcohol and is not appropriate for missionaries. It is basically a huge water fight/alcohol fest that lasts three days! So tomorrow we will go to church with a member, return to our homes after, and then stay in the apartment until Wednesday morning. It is going to be pretty crazy.

But, I am excited to work on my Spanish, watch church movies, clip my fingernails, and all sorts of other fun stuff during these three days!

This week has been pretty exciting...we started teaching a part member family and the kids are progressing really well! They have a baptismal date for the 18th of March. The other Elders in our area left this week so we have a huge house all to ourselves. Hmm what else...we saw a dog get hit by a car which was very scarring. And today we have interviews with President which I am excited for!

Here are a few pictures I want to share: 
Exciting news--we found a ColdStone this week!
Elder Wirthlin took a picture of me with an old deserted car
                                  Elder Wirthlin and me enjoying lunch at a steakhouse
                                  (Best food I have eaten in my mission)

                                Final picture with the crew before we left for Tarija
    This place is too beautiful!!!!

The work is going well here in Tarija...we are teaching more and more lessons each week and the
Lord has really blessed us to be able to find people to teach!
I hope everyone has a great Carnaval even though you don't celebrate it! If you want to participate, throw a water balloon at someone who doesn't want to get wet this weekend.
Love you all and Happy Carnaval!

Elder Harris


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