Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Looking for Rainbows...

                                                                                           January 23, 2017

Sooo, I'm trying to get a little more artsy with the subjects of my emails and thought rainbows would be appropriate. Needless to say we saw no rainbows this week, BUT there was a huge rain storm and it was crazy!
A picture of our Chapel after the rainstorm.
Luckily we were inside the house of a member, but afterwards all of the dirt roads were flooded. We were trapped in this little part of our area for like half an hour trying to build bridges to escape. Finally a taxi drove by and gave us a free ride to the pavement! It was quite the night haha.

Sadly, Sonia couldn't be baptized this week because she struggled with smoking again. But we are going to continue to pray and fast for her to be able to quit, so she will be worthy and ready for baptism!
This week was great and the work is moving forward so well here in Guapilo! I really don't want to leave at the end of this cambio (transfer) so I keep telling everyone that my companion will get transferred for sure.
The biggest thing that happened this week is that Sara, Juana, and Lucero got baptized!


There were a lot of tender mercies and we received permission to baptize them on Saturday!

The baptismal service was really awesome and one of the sisters from our Ward sang, "I like to look for  Rainbows," as part of her talk.

I love that song and it is a great reminder of how clean we can be thanks to baptism and repentance! It is such an amazing feeling to be clean after we have made a mistake and a feeling we can all obtain by partaking of the sacrament each week!

Yesterday was super super hot. I normally don't wear my sombrero because the Jehovah's Witnesses here usually wear sombreros when they proselite, and I don't want people to get us mixed up...but it was REALLY hot so we wore them. 

We had some great experiences with the Book of Mormon this week! We visited the Familia Flores Quispe and Wednesday for the first time in a few weeks and the wife told us she had a really strange experience. One night she was reading the Book of Mormon and she started to pray really sincerely to know if it was true. She fell asleep after and had a dream that night. She saw two men dressed in white outside her house, but she was afraid and wouldn't let them in. I felt the Spirit so strongly as she talked and I knew this was an answer to her prayers! On Saturday she and her husband went to the baptism and they are progressing well! 
I love this Ward and I love the work! Thanks for all your love and prayers! Hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Harris

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