Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year--New Goals!!

                                                                                                        January 2, 2017     
Hi Family!
I hope everyone had a great New Year's Celebration and enjoyed time together!
We went out for hamburgers and I bought myself some cinnamon oatmeal milk so I guess you could say it was pretty special.
We are excited for a new year and a new month! This cambio I will be staying in Guapilo with Elder Cohelo. I will have been here 6 months and everyone here keeps saying I will follow in Elder Sierras footsteps and stay here a year. We´ll see haha.
Here is a picture of me and Elder Cohelo with a young man named Fabio. He is one of our youth who is preparing for a mission. 

This month we are prepping for 3 baptisms! Sonia is preparing for the 14th but has not come to church the last two weeks which is tough. She will still be baptized the 14th, but please pray that she can be healthy this week and go to church because it will really help her before her baptism!
Also, Marina, Lucero, Juana, Jose, Juan David, Nelly, Fransisco, and Sarita Vaca Mendez are all preparing for the 21 of january! We are really excited for them and they have been able to develop more friendship with the Ward which has been good.
The new year is a special time to set new goals and think about what we can do to become what our Heavenly Father wants us to be. I hope we can all think of specific and measurable things to do throughout the year that will allow us to meet our potential as sons and daughters of god!
This week I am especially grateful for our heritage as Latter Day Saints!
On Monday I watched 17 miracles and it was such a great reminder of the role of sacrifice in building the kingdom of God. What amazing examples our ancestors have given us.
The Savior truly loves us and has the power to accomplish miracles in our lives if we turn to him and exercise our faith. I know He loves us. I know that when we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, He WILL answer our prayers. It is such a privilege to be one of His representatives and it is a privilege we all have. Every week we promise to take his name upon us. Keep this promise and have an incredible week!
Elder Harris

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