Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! "Sweet week" in the Mission Field!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Halloween!                                                       Oct. 31, 2016

No spooky Halloween cats here! Just me goofing around
while sympathizing and pondering the life of a cat.

This week was another amazing week here in Guapilo and we are having so much success thanks to the help of the members!

Below are pictures of the missionaries I have the opportunity to serve with in my zone and district.

A group picture of all the missionaries serving in our zone.

Jumping for joy with the missionaries in our District
This Saturday Selbi is going to be baptized! We are so excited and hopefully her grandpa will be able to baptize her. She is so special and has been so prepared.

Yesterday we got to meet with Sonia again, the older lady who lives across the street from us. She has a smoking addiction and yesterday we taught her about the Word of Wisdom. She told us it is something she would like to change. We know it is going to be very hard for her, but I am so excited to help her overcome this!

The really sad news is that this week Secundino left to another part of the country to work. He left a note at the Bishop's house, but never said goodbye to us. I was pretty crushed because he was progressing so well and had read so much of the Book of Mormon! Hopefully he will be able to meet with missionaries wherever he is, but we are going to try and call him soon to coordinate that.
Also, yesterday we invited familia Cespedes to be baptized! They accepted and are going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon in order to receive an answer. They are such a great family and it is really exciting. Their son and daughter are 14 and 15 and already have made friends with the youth!
Last week we began teaching a 13 year old boy named Lucas. He works with the Bishop and his mother is a member, but he doesn´t know much about the church. This week as we were teaching him about prophets he asked, "Do you guys believe that there will be prophets again? Because I think that someday in the future there will be another prophet." This comment really hit me hard as I thought to myself, "Oh my friend, that day has already come!" Sometimes we forget how amazing the message of the restoration is. There are people who are still waiting for God to call prophets, and we are so lucky to know that He already has! It is our privilege to show them that God has again called a Prophet and that His church is once again on the earth!

One miracle we witnessed this week was on Wednesday, when we attempted to find a new family to teach. We had walked around a neighborhood for 20 minutes just looking for families who were home when we decided to say a prayer. I prayed that we could be led and guided to find those who the Lord had prepared. We decided to go to a house we had previously contacted. No one was home. Then we talked to a woman in the street who gave us a reference farther down the street. There was only a little girl home at this house, but we contacted her neighbor. He had met with missionaries before, but was not interested. Finally, we went all the way back near where we had started to find that family we were not able to teach last Sunday because there were only women. They were also not home.
At the exact moment we arrived at that house, a neighbor came outside of her gate. We began talking with her and found out she had received a priesthood blessing once when she was extremely sick, and that her illness had never again returned after that. She said she would like to meet with us and has a husband and 2 kids. 
This truly was a miracle for us. We walked for almost an hour and talked to so many people before finding the family who had been prepared. Sometimes we can't see the fruits of our efforts but the Lord is guiding us!
I love my area, my companion, and this work! Have a great week!
Elder Harris

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