Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Always Remember Him

                                                                                                Oct. 24, 2016

Hola Familia! Thank you all for your emails and support!
I just want you to know how much I am loving my mission! Although it hasn't really been easy, it has been completely worth it.

This week was an amazing week! We worked harder than ever and the Lord blessed us with so much success.

Last Sunday after having a pretty disappointing week we decided that we needed to teach a lot more lessons with members. We made goals and plans to have a member with us at every lesson and the Lord provided. So many members sacrificed their time to help us and to bring their brethren unto Christ!

Some updates on our investigators - Selbi is progressing so well and is going to be baptized on November 5th! She is reading the Book of Mormon and came to our Ward yesterday for the first time and really loved it. She is so sweet and pure and it is amazing to see how the Spirit has touched her heart.
Secundino still has not prayed about the Book of Mormon, which is really difficult because without doing so it will be nearly impossible for him to overcome his doubts about the church. He is starting to make more friends in the Ward though, and this Saturday we are having an activity with the Elder´s Quorum to help befriend him!
Claudia and Ximena are having trouble progressing as well, but this week we found two new families to teach that we are really excited about!
We are also still teaching Sonia. She is the nicest and funniest old woman I have ever met. She is so loving and warm to us and too funny. During one of our lessons we asked her about the chapter she read in the Book of Mormon and she was telling us about everything she read. I looked down at my Book of Mormon and realized she was just reading the chapter summary! Elder Sierra and I laughed and it was hilarious. She smokes and hasn´t been able to come to church yet, but this week we are going to help her overcome these challenges!
Yesterday we went on splits with a priest and Elder from the Ward and they were super successful! The members help us so much and their influence on the work is irreplaceable.
Just a quick thought - after having an amazing experience during the Sacrament yesterday, I thought about what we can do to have experiences like that during the week, because we are promising each Sunday to remember him all the other days. It is amazing that we can take a few minutes each day to study the scriptures and pray to Heavenly Father in order to remember Him. The sacrament is short, but a powerful reminder of the atonement. So it can be with our scripture study and prayer.
I love you all and hope we can each do more to remember Him throughout the week! Have an amazing week!
Elder Harris

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