Thursday, July 6, 2017

Baptisms/Looking For the Good

                                                                                                  July 3, 2017
Hi Family!

This week was jam packed with blessings and the biggest was the baptism on Saturday!

I'm excited to announce that
Arasely and Aylen Tejerina and Araceli Martinez were baptized Saturday night!! 
A lot of members from the branch went and it was an amazing baptism! We are really excited for them because there aren't many young adults in the Ward, but they can support each other and help each other in this process.
 Arasely was really able to feel the Spirit when she was baptized and all three of them in their testimonies said they were sure this was the right decision, and Aylen said, it was "the perfect decision!"

I totally agree and I know that choosing to follow Jesus Christ is a perfect decision!

This week I was reading a little bit in the New Testament and I learned something that I loved and wanted to share. In Mark 14:3-9, there is a story about a woman who took some really expensive ointment and poured it on the Savior. Those who were with the Savior started to criticize the woman, saying that the ointment could have been sold to help the poor and the needy. After listening to them criticize this woman, the Savior said to them "Let her alone, why trouble ye her? She hath wrought a good work on me"

When I read this story I realized that Christ looked for the good in others and everything they did. While other people criticized and bothered this woman, the Savior praised her for the sacrifice she was making on His behalf. I think looking for the good in others is something really hard for us to do as humans! We are so prone to criticize and look for faults in those around us, but our lives would be so much happier if we look for the good side of people and each thing they do and say!

I love the mission and feel so privileged to be a part of this work, especially to be serving where I am at this time. I know God loves us and wants us to be happy, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is the perfect plan of happiness!

I want to share a few fun pictures from our P-day this week:

We went to the country club and it was a blast! We got to play American football and I also got to play frisbee with the owner's miniature horse (photos attached)

We also got to climb a fun ropes course with zip lines. 

Happy Birthday to the good ole USA and hope everyone enjoys watching their respective dogs hide from the fireworks this Tuesday night!


Elder Harris

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